We open our doors to everyone, including people of all backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations, and family structures. Joining Small Wonders School means joining a group of dynamic, creative, professionals and parents. Each year, we learn together, make connections, and play together as an essential part of school life. Family events each year include playdates, community gatherings and meet ups, and more.
Families support our school in a variety of ways; some choose and are able to volunteer their time by coming to share a skill, an interest, or a story. Others connect with teachers and share thoughts and ask questions. The majority of our families remain with us until their child is ready to begin Kindergarten which is often 3-4 years! We become close, we have play dates, we connect, and we have built an outstanding community! We are often your child and your families first introduction to schooling, we want this to be a positive experience. And once your child is ready to transition to Kindergarten we are there, helping you navigate the school choice process and preparing both you and your child for that next learning adventure.