Program and Philosophy

Small Wonders provides an enriching preschool experience in a convenient full day childcare format.

It is the goal of the program to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment where they can mature on their own, yet be challenged to explore new concepts and ideas. Friends are encouraged to participate at their own pace and level without competition or comparison. We believe that children are best introduced to the world through a blend of freeplay and meaningful projects. It is our belief that a quality program offers both directed and non-directed activities that encourage children to plan and think about what they are doing. Freeplay allows them to expand and incorporate their ideas through open ended materials, projects allow teachers to provided opportunities for scaffolded learning and acquiring of new skills.

We draw inspiration for our thematic explorations from the children’s interests; therefore we study a wide variety of themes from rockets to rainforests, car engines, plants, and fairy tales to name a few. Read more about our art and projects.
rainbow Collage

To understand fully what Small Wonders is, it may also be important to know what we are not.
Although we provide care we are not a daycare center, our goal is provide a true preschool opportunity. We are not big. We are not corporate. Our community has a deep impact on us and we are influenced by student and parent input. In 2016 we received 5-Star designation from Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement Scale QRIS.

To learn more about our program at Small Wonders you can read about our Teaching Methods. Also, be sure to check out our sample Schedule of the Day.