Program Basics

Opening Fall 2018! Located by our Hollywood location at 3624 NE Sandy Blvd.

MWF Pre-K: The goal of our morning Pre-Kindergarten program is to provide both a social play based experience with the supplement of teacher directed and focused activities to foster school readiness skills in a developmentally appropriate way–Whew! The result is fun mornings with preschool friends. These sessions will include movement, music, and sensory learning opportunities with a healthy blend of teacher directed experiences and child led discovery.

The TuTh Studio program has a concentrated arts focus allowing for creative expression with a wide variety of mediums. With a Reggio-inspired philosophy and an arts-based curriculum that inspires discovery, imagination, creativity and problem-solving these morning sessions provide immersive art opportunities while fostering social skills.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Morning snack provided, vegetarian and seasonal, offered mid-morning.
  • All friends must be potty trained and wearing underwear. Children having reoccurring daily accidents or those unable to use the bathroom independently are not potty trained.
  • Our Studio program serves 15 children with a lead teacher and an assistant. Friends are 42 months and older.
  • A summer program is provided mid-June to end of August. Enrollment is optional.
  • Located by Hollywood and Laurelhurst.

Why Art?

Art is hands on and develops eye-hand coordination.

Art engages all sense and promotes creativity.

Art promotes print and symbol awareness, visual literacy, and spatial relations.

Art is both self-expressive and community centered.

We explore such themes and mediums as:

Classic artists, literature inspired works, math in art, color theory, self-portraits, mixed media, still life…

Clay, oil and chalk pastels, watercolors, ink, recyclables, glues, scissor work, wire and beading…


What is Pre-K?

Pre-K is the stair step to Kindergarten, our goals focus on readiness skills in early literacy, math, and science while fostering social and life skills.

We explore such themes as:

Science: cause and effect, why, weather and seasons, living and non living things, animal and plant traits…

Math: Measure, sort, classify, time and sequencing, quantities, number words, shapes…

Readiness and Writing: Pencil grip, names, uppercase letters, fine motor tasks, inventive spelling…

Language and Lit: Phonics, song, rhyme, books, active listening and speaking, letters in print and sound…

Social and Life Skills: Independent skills, self-help, classroom jobs, problem solving, caregiving, peer communication…