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Additional Program
Tuition and hours summer camp

Summer School Agers is an offering for those 5 and 6 years old for those entering or exiting Kindergarten.


Summer camp style the days will include art and projects and more—long mid-day stretches will be spent outside for field games and picnic lunch. Open 8:00-5:30 M-F we ask that drop off occur by 9:30. Snacks will provided and parents pack a sack lunch. Designed for those summers before and after Kindergarten this program will feature lots of independence and creativity! Camp is a commitment for the season, the notice period does not apply.

June Monthly Prorated for 6/10/23 Tuition, camp:

5 Days: $1092

4 Days: $927

3 Days: $725

2 Days: $518

July and August Monthly Tuition, camp:

5 Days: $1,560

4 Days: $1,325

3 Days: $1035

2 Days: $740

Camp concludes Thursday, August 29th.

Tuition & Hours Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten program has a distinct application process for both current SWS and new inquiries. We intentionally build our class cohort to develop a blend of learning styles, ages, and temperaments and as such we have developed an application process. Please review the steps below. Kindergarten is a commitment to an academic school year, tuition is broken into 10 month installments with a proration for June. Students are enrolled for a Mon to Friday schedule. Kindergarten class hours are 8:00-5:30 with instructional time running 8:00-2:30. Flexible pickup time 2:30-5:30. Tuition for Kindergarten is $1575/month for September to May and $575 prorated for June.

Application Process

Please complete the interest form and application for enrollment for the upcoming academic year. Enrollment is not guaranteed and factors including age, social-emotional maturity, and the following assessment and evaluation will be considered holistically.

After we have received your application, we will call to arrange an assessment for non-SWS families. The assessment consists of a series of activities and questions that often proves enjoyable for four- and five-year- olds. It will be hosted by the Kindergarten teacher. There is no formal parent interview and both parents are not required to be present. Current SWS students will complete an in-class assessment during one of their attending days.


Supplementary Materials

Give the included Evaluation Form to your child’s current teacher. Schools may return the forms directly to us at . Please ask your child’s teacher to return directly to Small Wonders School.

Kindergarten enrollment decisions will be emailed beginning Friday, February 1st. All questions may be directed to Kindergarten classroom tours will not be offered as part of the application process. We have included some additional program information as part of this packet. Once all enclosed information has been reviewed please connect with us to request an application and a teacher evaluation form.

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