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I love being able to be around children while they get to experience and learn new things. They are so excited to learn and I love that I get to help them in that process. I am always happy to go to work knowing that I will get to play, laugh and learn with my students each day.I believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore subjects through hands on experience in a nurturing environment. I aim to meet the needs of each child by choosing subjects that interest them and will make them excited to learn. I work to create an environment where all students feel comfortable to ask questions, try new things, and speak their minds.

Originating from Atlanta Quinlyn moved to Oregon to be closer with family and finding herself quite happy with the Pacific Northwest attended University of Oregon. In addition to her business degree Quinlyn minored in music, we are especially privileged to have her share her musical background at our daily song circles! Quinlyn has teaching experience in Pre-K programs in both Bend and Eugene, Oregon and has worked with Small Wonders School since the program first opened.

We are pleased to have Quinlyn as Program Director and Co-owner of SWS at Grant Park. Her education, training and qualified teaching experience exceeds licensing standards for the position and she continues to accrue training hours in a wide variety of Early Childhood Education themes from child development to outdoor playscapes. Her responsibility, professionalism, nurturing qualities, shining people personality made her our standout presence at school. Quinlyn’s energy and leadership at Grant Park space assures program continuity between both schools with her familiarity of our practices and philosophy, emergent curriculum, program aesthetic and much more. Much loved and adored here at SWS Quinlyn flourishes in her role.

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