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About Us

Small Wonders School offers preschool programs with the convenience of childcare hours for children ages 2 up to Kindergarten age. Our programs are staffed by high quality teachers in intimate settings with low ratios. Children thrive in learning environments that are individualized, allowing children to develop at their own rate. A high quality program should be child directed and allow for ample time to explore a variety of books and materials and encourage the use (and further development) of advanced vocabulary and ideas. When the child influences the themes and freeplay they are able to best develop their abilities in a low-pressure environment. At Small Wonders School we view each child as bright and capable and gifted, with this teaching mindset we help each child shine and make each day a fun one!

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What We Offer

Our educational programs, set in our Reggio-inspired environments, follow child-directed themes. Drawing from our observations during freeplay we develop monthly thematic units based on the children's interests. In our planning we account for each of the Multiple Intelligences and explore such topics as woodland animals, ocean habitats, all things maps, fairy tales, and many more! Here you find grown-ups working hard to show our young friends that school is place to be joyous and excited, a place where you are encouraged to explore and find mystery in the world, a place where your sense of wonder is your most powerful tool. Our projects are exciting and we dive deep, but we also play hard! Every minute that children play, they are preparing for reading and writing, connections and ideas, becoming resilient, collaborating, and building relationships and meaning. Play is one of the ways children express themselves, process new topics and ideas, and form relationships.

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Joining Small Wonders means joining a group of dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial professionals and parents. Each year, we learn together, make connections, and play together as a part of school life. Our core group classroom structures and mixed-age settings lend themselves to a strong sense of community amongst our families. Family events each year include frequent gatherings at the park for school potluck picnics and meeting friends for playdates. Our parents come from a variety of backgrounds and bring to our little learning community a plethora of interests, talents and skills. As a parent you will receive daily updates on your child's school happenings with our password protected blog, complete with many many pictures! You will find an accessible teaching staff and director, ready to address questions and concerns. As a friend in our program your child will gain new social skills as they learn to be part of community, find their words, problem solve, and make new friends!

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Apply Today

We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about Small Wonders. We were selected as the Metro Parent Family Favorite Preschool/Daycare for all of Portland metro. We are presently inviting families to find out why! Contact us to learn more about 2015-16 enrollment options, our offerings, and to RSVP for our next information sessions. We begin enrolling friends 24 months and older and look forward to giving your family an opportunity to get to know our school and community; and us to better know your family. Email us directly at enrollment@smallwondersschool.org to have your questions addressed! We always welcome applications for families seeking an immediate vacancy, a summer start or those wishing to join us for a future school year. We look forward to meeting your family!

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