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Our Teachers

Our Lead Teachers’ qualifications and experience exceed that of the state requirements. In addition to holding beyond the 3000 qualifying teaching hours with their age group all of our leads hold Bachelors degrees in early childhood or related field. We are pleased to share that all of our assistant teachers are also teacher qualified. They possess more than 1500 qualifying teacher hours with their age group and as with all of our staff participate in more than 24 hours of annual training of child development and behavior guidance and hold all current certifications/safety training.

About our Teachers
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I love working with young children because they are so eager to learn and are excited by all the things around them. They are also great teachers; I love coming in each morning knowing that I too will be learning something new. I look forward to each school year as together we create, examine, study, explore, reflect, and laugh. I enjoy the potential of each day, from diving into an experiential art project to revisiting a favorite book, it is sure to be fun and it is sure to be busy.

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Owner and Executive Director


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I love the community I work in because kids  are unassuming, easily excited, and laugh at my jokes! I’ve always had two major facets to my personality: humor and music. I get to incorporate and encourage both things in every single working day. I love having the opportunity to share something new with my class, whether it;s a song, a joke, or a fact about Mars. Mercedes joined us with the opening of Hollywood.

Hollywood Director



Sierra joined Small Wonders from three years with the after-school program at West Hills Montessori and began in our Bears core group. She now brings her soft humor, playful spirit, and light as the Owl lead creating a classroom of joy! Sierra has celebrated more than three years with us.

Owl Lead- Hollywood


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Very sweet! Olivia's background is in teaching and theatre which is the perfect preschool teacher blend. Prior to joining us Olivia taught in the west with preschoolers. As a playwrite she shares her creative nature with friends daily. Soft, kind, and funny we love our Fox teacher. Olivia joined us with the spring of 2017!

Fox Lead- Hollywood


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I love working at Small Wonders! I get to play with creative and imaginative toddlers who challenge me and push me to be a better person. I grow every day! Jessica joined us the summer of 2016 and is our Hollywood Head Toddler teacher.

Bears Lead- Hollywood


Does anyone else have a zillion Pinteres

Julia welcomes the toddler friends daily with her sweet creative self! We appreciate her for her thoughtful ways and for always have a solid plan. Julia has been with the bears and bunny class since the 2017-18 school year.

Bears Lead- Grant Park


Does anyone else have a zillion Pinteres

Not only is Rachel a flexible toddler teacher but she also is a yoga instructor. We love the fun and calm she brings to the days and to song circle! Rachel joined us the same season as Julia and they are a dynamic duo!

Bunny Lead- Grant Park



I love being able to be around children while they get to experience and learn new things. They are so excited to learn and I love that I get to help them in that process. I am always happy to go to work knowing that I will get to play, laugh and learn with my students each day. I believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore subjects through hands on experience in a nurturing environment. 

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Co-Owner & Grant Park Director



I love the conversations. Whether toddler age or 5, children always have the most honest and authentic language. They see the world in such a fascinating way. Every day it’s as if I’m experiencing things for the first time. We love ending our day at circle discussing our favorite parts of our school day. We stay busy by incorporating our natural world inside our classroom. Using nature to play, to draw, to paint. We are always inspired by our beautiful PNW surroundings! And play! Natalie first joined us at our Hollywood setting in 2016 before assisting in the opening of Grant Park. Best of her multitude of talants she goes where she can create the best setting and is now the lead with the Studio program at Hollywood..

Studio Lead Teacher


Does anyone else have a zillion Pinteres

Kristina joined us with a degree and focus on early childhood education. She brings a soft gentle approach and her themes are inviting and playful. She has many adventures with her husband and you will find her custom illustrations donning the classroom walls. Kristina joined us the summer of 2018.

Owl Lead- Grant Park


Does anyone else have a zillion Pinteres

Katelyn has been with Grant Park since its opening. A caregiver she holds a degree in Early Childhood from OSU and a pocketful of experience and rousing camp songs. Gentle, you are sure to spy tiny thoughtful details around her classroom.

Fox Lead- Grant Park


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Ashlee is so bubbly and sweet! Ashlee obtained her degree from the University of Portland where she majored is developmental psychology and minored in education. She currently is in the MAT program at Concordia! Ashlee joined us with the end of the 2018-19 school year.

Bunny Lead- Hollywood


Does anyone else have a zillion Pinteres

Danielle brings a gentle narration to the day and transitions. With experience in her pocket she models lovely tools and approaches and is the perfect pairing for those turning 3! Danielle has been a presence at Small Wonders since 2018.

Birdie Lead- Grant Park