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Sample Schedule of the Day

Below is a sample routine of the Hollywood Owl preschool group, schedule/time varies by group and by day and location by the elements remain consistent with outdoor time, projects, free play, song circle, and rest/nap offered daily for all ages.
Morning Schedule

7:30-8:30 – Drop-off and Mixed Age Freeplay

Children use the bathroom at school and wash hands before selecting from a variety of guided free play choices in block area, dramatic play, table manipulative, and art or sensory experience freeplay choices.

8:45 – Breakfast Transition

Children wash hands and collect their dishes for a breakfast snack (of organic seasonal foods). Teachers model appropriate behavior, dishes are served family style and conversation is encouraged.

9:15 – Welcome Gathering

Clean up before circle time. We will see “Whoo’s Here?,” review Classroom Helpers, sing our Welcome Song, guess what is in the Secret Bag, talk about the day’s theme, share Thankfuls, etc.

9:30 – Core Groups

Children divide into their core groups, based on age, and with their core group teacher travel through the structure part of the day participating in this small group in the day’s art experience, project, and freeplay.

10:00 – Outside Time

Time for large motor activities

10:30 – Core Group

The project may be done in a small group, one on one with a teacher (as with Bookworks), or as a whole group. Friends rotate through freeplay with road rug/block area, dramatic play, table manipulative, and art or sensory experiences.

11:00 – Song Circle

A daily group gathering with poems, fingerplays, songs, action songs, and music or interactive stories, puppet shows, and books.

11:30 – Lunch

Children focus first on their protein based main lunch item before moving on to fruit and vegetables. Children bring lunch items from home, we are a nut free facility.

Afternoon Schedule

Pick up time is open, does not have to be known to us, and can vary by the day.

12:30 – Naproom Opens – Children all rest, even non-nappers, listening to audiobooks.

1:00 – Non-nappers join Fox core teachers while full nappers sleep, supervised by Owl core teachers.
Non-nappers participate in quiet activities, this may including cooking or baking experiences, outside play, art activities or freeplay. This is a time that lends itself to Kindergarten readiness centers.

2:30/45 – Nappers wake, children pack up their nap bags and utilize the bathroom, non nappers return.

3:10 – PM Snack

3:30 – Freeplay!

4:00 – Outside, rain or shine

5:00 – Mixed age free play as remaining friends are picked up

5:30 – Closing Time, teachers leave for day.

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