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Our Story

Allison and her husband Nick started Small Wonders on the main floor of their home at 40th and Fremont, serving 16 families (dear friends to this day and referred to as SWOG-original generation). Shortly after opening they grew enough in numbers, 8 friends that first fall, to be joined by a teacher's aide; Quinlyn. As Nick and Allison added to their family with first child Adelaide they added a second in-home program to Small Wonders operations run by Quinlyn. In these early days the schools doubled as our homes, ever highlighting our commitment to our school community as we were never far away.
Small Wonders grew to the fully demoed, remodeled, and custom designed Hollywood space with Allison as director--second child Teddy joined while this large scale project was underway. With the third and final Morton babe, Ellery, Small Wonders added the second center setting Grant Park and extended co-ownership to Quinlyn. With the years Small Wonders has housed many delightful families and amazing teachers. As we grew the teachers grew too, donning new titles and fostering the school community. Natalie, a talented teacher and leader, became the Hollywood director in 2020 where she too is a co-owner. Long time figure Mercedes rounds out the administrative team. 

SWS has grown since those Fremont days. But our play and project focus remains central to this day and our school wide language such as "sunshine voices" can be heard in every classroom. Our classrooms follow the flow from the early days peppered with play in and out, Gathering, song circles, and all the story times. We still appreciate and look for the small wonders.

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