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Tuition & Hours

We are open Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30. Morning snack is served at 8:45 therefore drop off is 7:30-8:45. The half day program at the Studio runs 8:30-12:00 with a potential extension to 3:00--this is at Hollywood only and for preschool age children over 3.

The Toddler tuition rate applies to children enrolled under the age of 36 months until they transfer to a preschool classroom or until they celebrate a year anniversary at our program. Ages under 36 months trigger a lower classroom ratio and higher staffing costs therefore tuition is associated with attending classroom and ratio and not the child’s age. Tuition increases are shared at January re-enrollment for the upcoming school year, increased rates are effective as of September 1st.

Please visit the additional programs tab for rates and fees for school age programs.

2019-20 tuition rates:

3 Day

$880 preschool     $985 toddler

4 Day

$1075 Preschool     $1275 Toddler

5 Day

$1275 Preschool     $1500 Toddler

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TUTH Art Studio

$365 half day  $450 extended

MWF Pre-K Studio

$510 half day  $675 extended

M-F Pre-K/Art Studio

$875 half day 8:30-12

$1000 extended 8:30-3:00

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