A new offering

For the 2020 school year Small Wonders School will extend services to include a private Kindergarten offering housed at both the Grant Park and Hollywood locations. Small Wonders Schools are recognized as 5-start programs of quality via the Oregon QRIS Stars rating program and will offer a highly rated Kindergarten program. The program will serve no more than 16 children, to be considered for enrollment children must be 5 by October 15th. The program will be led by an experienced licensed teacher supported by an assistant—unmatched low ratios! We offer warm thoughtful teachers in an intimate creative setting where each child’s individual level of learning can be met.


Small Wonders’ goal is to create a structured learning environment that also invites authentic spontaneous learning and moments of discovery. Curriculum will focus on exposure to high quality literature, foundations math,writing skills via Nellie Edge and comparable early literacy programs, handwriting with Handwriting without Tears, as well as experiential learning opportunities folded into science inquiry and art projects. For ELA we will rely on the program Journeys, a well used program giving a robust introduction to literacy comprehension skills. Math will be supported by direct instruction and a hands on workshop model. While our process is holistic each child will successful transition to a public school setting and a background that will align with future Common Core instruction.

Families must make a commitment for the academic school year to maintain consistency in the classroom cohort and educational experience. The goal of the program is to foster a supportive foundational learning environment for our lifelong learners. Small Wonders is a school environment that understands child development. We balance our focused teacher-directed learning with ample time spent utilizing the workshop model for creative exploration. Parents are asked to support school learning by reading and exploring a wide variety of reading materials with the children.


What is the age cutoff?
We want children to turn five by OCT 15 of the Fall they enroll. However, we look at each child individually. Age is only one factor we consider for enrollment.

What is the schedule?
We have school Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 2:30 pm. Dropoff time is strictly enforced. Extended hours are available to include program hours of 7:30-5:30.

What is the kindergarten tuition?
Tuition is $1000 per month or $1300 for extended hours.

How does enrollment work?
If you wish to enroll a child, please contact Allison at even those current SWS families. Enrollment begins in January 2020.  We give priority to families already enrolled in our schools. After that, we consider child’s age, past preschool experience, parent/guardian’s thoughts on educational steps for the next year, and desired ratio of ages and genders. When offering spots, we try to make the best decisions for both the kids and for our school.

Where do most kids go after?
Every family is different.  It is anticipated that 25% of graduates go on to public school kindergarten per the PPS age cutoff, 50% go on to public school first grade, and 25% go on to local private school first grade.

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